NL Armin Only 2010

Party people

Party people

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He is great!

He is god in trance, dj no.1!

Armin is a very happy man!

Armin = great! It’s not strange that he is chosen 4 times on number 1. A-MA-ZING!!!

Best DJ ever! Made me cry!

Awesome! Came all the way from Norway to see him!

An ordinary, great guy in the outrageous world of Trance!

Armin rules!

The best dj!

Armin is the awesomest dj of the world!

I think he's better than God!

DJ No.1, amazing!

He is amazing!

Armin is cute!

Armin is my hero!

Dank aan Marlon Schuurman, Baber Raja (Glossy Pictures) & Xolali Joval (XJ Art)!



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